Is Speaking Painful For You?

It's not your fault -- and there is a better way

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Is this how public speaking is
starting to feel like for you?

Old ‘tried and true” speaking techniques that were once successful have lost their effectiveness over the years.

That’s why I developed a speaking approach that will quickly put you ahead of the game and in a league with effective and captivating speakers.

OLD SPEAKING MYTH #1 – “You must be born with speaking skills.”

OLD SPEAKING MYTH #2 – “Writing a perfect script leads to a perfect speech.”

OLD SPEAKING MYTH #3 – “Focus on staying calm.”

Welcome to Public Speaking Institute Online

Mastering Public Speaking is an easy to understand speaking approach based on your own natural style and common sense. It challenges traditional speaking thinking and helps you achieve better results.

It’s the missing link – a new mindset and language that converts bad technique into a natural conversation between you and your listeners.

It offers you a new way of thinking about speaking in meetings, to upper management, your staff, with anyone at any time.

You don’t have to abandon the speaking skills you already know – Confident Speaking gives you a new approach and new tools to help you let go of old behaviors that bring you negative results.

It’s incredibly effective.

Best of all, it’s easy to learn.

Learn how to:

Public Speaking tip

Be yourself and not a formal speaker – and get better results

Public Speaking tip

Rip up your speaking script and easily get your message across

Public Speaking tip

Change from the “Dreaded Dull Speaker” to a trusted advisor

Public Speaking tip

Get rid of your fear of public speaking once and for all

Public Speaking tip

Stop not knowing how to do it and gain the respect you deserve

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"Excellent program. Very beneficial and relevant to my needs."

-- Stephen Zappas, Chubb Corporation

"The advice you gave was sophisticated and no-nonsense. Reesa, you were a great help in giving personal advice; at the same time, your emphasis on strengths really worked as the underlying teaching tool."

-- David Senior, Ernst & Young

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